Head out into the world wide web, and have fun looking through my HIGH QUALITY CURATED links.

My Links

  • Twitter spam: @skumsuck
  • Instagram sketches: @skumsuck
  • Tumblr archive: @tempural
  • Tip Jar: Kofi
  • Backup store: Etsy
  • Redbubble: shirts n stuff

    Coding Links!

  • Excellent resources for making your own site.
  • Tholman 90's Cursor effects: I used their script on my Dafoe shrines!
  • CSS Tricks: Stylin' pages.
  • Templaterr: I'm using their navbar code as a base!
  • Google Fonts: I'm using "Mr. Dafoe" for my titles. Yes, I know.
  • Codemyui: CSS snippets.
  • Nanogallery2: Easy to copy/paste image gallery template.
  • Rarebit: Webcomics template with easy to read documentation in the HTML and js. I used it for my Just Girly Things comic, and I can see it being used for blog posts or image galleries as well.

    Other Links!

  • "Creating, discovering and enjoying websites and digital spaces."
  • R U AN ARTIST ON SOCIAL MEDIA???: Article about moving away from socmed as an artist for your sanity.
  • my website is one binary: Article about website design
  • Eggramen: a personal site with writing and resources! eggramen blog eggramen blog

    Buttons! comics and cartoons

    Feel free to link to me using the above banner!

    deflectric site
    Shane is my wife. He's a cool guy and real chinese chef. If you're lucky he'll show you his cute art.
    plainest plane site
    Erwin draws funny comics! He's a rennaisance man and he taught me a lot about zine-making!
    spillingdown site
    18+! Spilling draws crazy detailed, moody art about intense relationships and dank yaoi.
    groovy ocelot blog
    18+! Groovy is EXTREME! Exaggerated cartooning, brain exploding grotesqueries, and the best character designs on earth!
    trsatsuki blog
    18+! Lukadian's got lots of fun characters, and his site design is inspiring in its modern design and nostalgic feeling.
    whimwitch page
    Music auto-play! Whim's site is an engrossing mind labyrinth of their writing, art AND coding!
    unlikelygrader blog
    Webo's an egg-straordinary artist with egg-cellent OCs!
    18+! Capri's comics are full of dark n' dank humor, and she loves fedoras and claws.
    Ink Shrines on plain white text
    Ink Shrines is a curated webring dedicated to sharing the digital homes of cartoonists and their comics.