Head out into the world wide web, and have fun looking through my HIGH QUALITY HAND-CURATED links.

Some links may be 18+ and NSFW, and I'll attempt to label them as such.

Linking does not imply endorsement of the site or person running the site. But at the very least, I try to make sure there's no fucked up IRL shit, like covid conspiracies or hate speech.

Last updated: March 5th, 2024

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FujoFans is a fan listing for fujoshi, fudanshi, and other fans of queer art.
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The Goblin Hole is my fansite for the Green Goblin.
dafoe zone button
The Dafoe Zone is my fansite for the actor, Willem Dafoe.
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The Scum Bucket is my art store. I sell DIY zines and accessories I designed.
a photo of my red dachshund as a baby on the grass with the text 'I heart my weenie'
Here's my petpage where I talk about my pets.
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Just Gorly Thingz is my lesbian fujoshi webcomic.

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    • Cartoonist Coop: A collective of cartoonists. The site lists comics, their social media promotes members' projects, and they have a discord server.
    • AANI: Artist Alley Network, a discord server with lots of information about art as a business.
    • Newgrounds: A gallery for art, music, games, and animation. One of the few remaining art galleries that allow explicit NSFW.
    • LoSpec: Pixel art palettes, from real hardware and new user-submitted ideas. Has galleries, resources, and more.
    • Adult Artist Webring: A directory of visual artists creating sexually-focused art.
    • Ink Shrines: A curated webring dedicated to sharing the digital homes of cartoonists and their comics.
    • Knifebeetle: A curated webring for longform, narrative-driven webcomics.
    • WEB/COMIC/RING: A handy curated list of current & upcoming indie webcomics! No sex or gore.
    • Aradia Collective: Aradia serves to promote, collect and archive magical girl comics of all kinds! Includes a webring.
    • Queer Comics Database: Our mission is to facilitate access to comics that contain queer representation.


    • Fancoders: For baby and professional coders familiar with fandom, with a kink-positive queer audience in mind.
    • Neocities: Make your own site for free, and browse the directory of user pages! Cutesy faux-y2k aesthetic is popular there. Very poor moderation, be wary of clicking randomly lest ye see IRL gore or hate speech.
    • 32-Bit Cafe: Resources and community for old, slow, personal web enthusiasts.

    Webrings and Weblistings


    • Bobaboard: Upcoming anonymous imageboard, with a kink-positive queer audience in mind.
    • Dreamwidth: Long-form blog platform with customizable themes, rss, and user-run communities + art/writing exchanges. One of the final Livejournal forks, thus a bastion for olde fandom.
      • Fandom Calendar: Upcoming and current fandom events, art exchanges and so on.
    • Ship-friendly, fandom focused, microblogging instance. Has policies against harassment, racism, homophobia, etc.
    • Aethy: Adult-friendly art and hobbyist instance. Has policies against harassment, racism, homophobia, etc. Has similar art policies to AO3, so get your content muting filters ready if you need them.
    • Art-focused instance. Seems original art focused rather than fanart. Follows Japanese law, so censor your genitals and don't talk about Homer Simpson smoking weed.

Webmastery links!

Other Links!

    Personal sites

    • R U AN ARTIST ON SOCIAL MEDIA???: Article about moving away from socmed as an artist for your sanity.
    • Geowayne: Commentary on every single Pet Shop Boys song, written by one of the game designers for Oregon Trail. An incredible shrine to one man's favorite band, with timeless web design from 2001.
    • A beautifully organized personal website dating back to 2000, containing the author's essays and resources on civil rights.
    • Final Boss Blues: Pixel art by Jason Perry - his tutorials are very helpful (especially this article about walk cycles), and his resources are cool!
    • Playmoar: A fun personal site with art, software and site recs, and a nostalgic design.
    • pseweb: The art site of illustrator + character designer Range Murata. Great, clean 2000's design. If you click on his gallery pages, beware of lolicon art!


    • Google Fonts: Free fonts.
    • Typodermic Fonts: Lots of professional fonts for free. You may recognize some, like Monofonto, being used in popular media like New Vegas.
    • Cava's Pixel Resources: Pixel fonts rebuilt from retro games.
    • VTF: Velvetyne — libre & open source type foundry. I love the font "blocus" :)
    • Tunera Type Foundry: More open source fonts!
    • A free typeface catalogue, focusing on somewhat contemporary type.

    Interesting stuff

    Browser Games + Fun Stuff


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deflectric site
Shane is my wife. He's a cool guy and real chinese chef. If you're lucky he'll show you his cute art.
plainest plane site
Erwin draws funny comics! He's a rennaisance man and he taught me a lot about zine-making!
spillingdown site
18+! Spilling draws crazy detailed, moody art about intense relationships and dank yaoi.
groovy ocelot blog
18+! Groovy is EXTREME! Exaggerated cartooning, brain exploding grotesqueries, and the best character designs on earth!
trsatsuki blog
18+! Lukadian's got lots of fun characters, and his site design is inspiring in its modern design and nostalgic feeling.
whimwitch page
Music auto-play! Whim's site is an engrossing mind labyrinth of their writing, art AND coding!
Miscellanium's a PROFESSIONAL writer with sick ideas and cool characters!
unlikelygrader blog
Webo's an egg-straordinary artist with egg-cellent OCs!
18+! Capri's comics are full of dark n' dank humor, and she loves fedoras and claws.
Pulporilla's character illustrations are full of expression and energy!
18+! Zpire's a wonderful and big brained character writer, artist, and worldbuilder!
Rocky's got cool characters and illustrations!
18+! feltyHatter has a very nice indepth ship list with playlists and images!
18+! Jake's fully realized personal site has fun design and lots of art to view!!
18+! A beautiful 00's style personal site with indepth writing and art on the Mayalock ship, as well as tons of links to explore.