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# store updates:

## May
+ added: Ergonomic Mousepad: Green Goblin/Norman Osborn holding oranges. One moldy, one normal.
+ added: Pencil Pouches: Weenie Dogs.
+ added: 18+ Bookmarks: Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Octogoblin, and Spider-Man.
+ added: 18+ Bookmarks: Chromeskull.  Schlong out.
+ added: Bookmarks: DBD Hillbilly.
+ added: Wood Charm: Heavy Metal Maneki Neko
## April
+ added: Physical print of HOOKY! 18+ comic.  Comes with a bookmark :3
+ added: Digital PDF of HOOKY! 18+ comic (free or pay what ya want)
+ added: 18+ Green Goblin dakimakura
+ added: 18+ Doc Cock dakimakura
+ added: SFW Spider-Man dakimakura
+ added: 18+ Aran Ryan (Punch-Out) dakimakura
## January
+ added: Wraith x Hillbilly charms
+ added: Dinosaur pouches
+ added: Dinosaur and Weenie wood pins
+ added: Lighthouse buttons and stickers
+ added: Gobsgiving prints
+ added: Chromehead and Hillbilly dakimakura
+ restocked: all dakimakura! New supplier, MoeGF.

## December
+ added: Goblins n' Spiders, Ghosts n' Zombies oh my! Stickers!!!
## November
+ added: Dark Magician of Chaos Charms
## October
. + added: Blue Medic and Scout Big Slappy boobie mousepads
+ added: Pinhead and Benton Tarantella bookmarks
+ restocked: Red Medic boobie mousepads
## September
+ added: tattoo ticket
+ added: mimikyu and sableye stickers
+ added: fall wooden pins + added: tanuki and neko wooden pins