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This dank labyrinth of a site contains my art, thoughts, and writing.

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MATURE CONTENT WARNING : My art is meant for mature audiences, and depicts the bizarre and gruesome.

By clicking any link on this site, you agree you consent to seeing mature themes.

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My sites!

Visit my other sites:

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FujoFans is a fan listing for fujoshi, fudanshi, and other fans of queer art.
goblinhole button
The Goblin Hole is my fansite for the Green Goblin.
dafoe zone button
The Dafoe Zone is my fansite for the actor, Willem Dafoe.
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The Scum Bucket is my art store. I sell DIY zines and accessories I designed.
a photo of my red dachshund as a baby on the grass with the text 'I heart my weenie'
Here's my petpage where I talk about my pets.
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Just Gorly Thingz is my lesbian fujoshi webcomic.

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