Comics and Zines

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I write, design, and draw 99% of my own comics. They may come in the form of web comics, zines, and print comics.

My comics subjects range from silly cartoons to ugly pornography. My art is meant for an adult audience. Children should not look at these cartoons. You will see violence, sexuality, and other nutty things.

If you read a comic and enjoyed it, you can purchase a physical comic to own! I print n' cut them with me own two hands.

My DIY zine/doujin making process
  • Printer: I use a Canon ip8720 (used to use a Pro-100 til a lightning storm fried it). It's the same one I use for my stickers and prints, it's great to use it for everything.
  • Cover paper: I use any coverstock I can find. I really like neutral toned paper for illustrations with limited colors. But I also like "Presentation Paper" with coating if the illustration has more colors. RN I'm using Epson presentation paper and it's nice and thin and vibrant!
  • Interior paper:For the interior stock, I like to use slightly thicker 8.5x11 inch copy paper so that it's opaque and doesn't bleed! Cream colored paper has been great for me, cuz bright white hurts my eyes. And it complements my b/w comics well 😄
  • Physical tools: Then a longline stapler to get everything together, and a paper cutting guillotine to smooth the pages 😄
  • Shipping supplies: Finally... 6x9 envelopes and lots of USPS Forever stamps to send them out!

Filter by rating

    My imperfect rating system:
  • 🍊 = General audiences. No explicit sex, no blood.
  • 💀 = Morbid. Sickness and death.
  • 🍆 = Explicit sexuality and genital action.
  • 🍖 = Explicit violence and gore.
  • 🔞 = It's pornography! There's fluids and close-ups, it ain't beating around the pubic bush.

Web Comics

I publish these comics online on social media first, with no update schedule. Then I archive them here!

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My zines differ from my comics. They are compilations of art, thoughts, and prose based on a central theme.

Very occassionally, I direct zine collaborations.


Various one-shot comics. They may be one contained story, or several smaller stories woven together. I don't feel the need to write connected serial comics. Rather, I use a revolving cast of characters that I put in different universes.