Comics and Zines

Banner by whimwitch - Panel from Hooky

I write, design, and draw 99% of my own comics. They may come in the form of web comics, zines, and print comics.

This is my general comics page, but my art is primarily meant for an adult audience. Young children should not look at these cartoons. You will see violence, sexuality, and other silly things.

If you read a comic and enjoyed it, you can purchase a physical comic to own! I print n' cut them with me own two hands.

Web Comics

I publish these comics online on social media first, with no update schedule. Then I archive them here!


My zines differ from my comics. They are compilations of art, thoughts, and prose based on a central theme.

Sometimes I direct zine collaborations


Various one-shot comics. They may be one contained story, or several smaller stories woven together. I don't feel the need to write connected serial comics. Rather, I use a revolving cast of characters that I put in different universes.