My Likes:

I tend to bounce around interests, then return to them later after a couple of months or years. I don't really lose interests. Rather, I collect things I like and put them into my mind palace's harem.

The things I like tend to be cute, ridiculously grimdark, or make me laugh.

This page was originally made for my 2021 Winter Holiday Gobsgiving event, so that people could pick and choose each from other's interests to make gifts for each other! I am still updating this page as I remember that I like things.

Last updated: March 26th, 2023


I think I like animals a lot cuz I my parents would never let me have a pet. Or visit families with animals. Or let me touch animals. As an adult, all I wanna do is help 'em and hug 'em! Check out the animals that I've had in my home. my drawing of my cat ghost


    • Dogs
      • Weenies
      • Chihuahuas
      • Wrinkly (bullies, pugs, etc)
      • Big dogs that go "boof"
      • Any ol' mutt
    • Cats
      • Gay & orange
      • Puffy & gray
      • Funny hair patterns
      • Bald naked ones
      • Ones with big ears and noses

      Other critters:

      • Cows
      • Chickens
      • Monke (gorilla, orangutan, etc)
      • Sharks
      • Dinosaurs
      • Prehistoric Creatures
      • Tardigrades
      • Caterpillars
      • Snakes
      • Bugs, arachnids, centipedes
      • Mythical creatures and cryptids


Hover over the list items if you want to know where a character is from :) They're sorted in no particular order, and grouped by series. a drawing of one of my fav characters, the green goblin


    • Norman Osborn
    • Green Goblin
    • Slade
    • Bruce Wayne (old)
    • Dagoth Ur
    • Scout
    • Spy
    • Merasmus
    • Infested Kerrigan
    • Duriel
    • Doctor Doom
    • Jason Voorhees
    • Leatherface
    • Freddy Krueger
    • Gollum
    • Voldo
    • Zasalamel
    • Tiffany Valentine
    • Piccolo
    • Kane
    • The Undertaker
    • The Boogeyman
    • Chyna
    • Nathan Explosion
    • Brock Sampson
    • Yami Yugi
    • Rishid
    • Seto Kaiba


    • Grumpy old farts (hiding sensitive whimpering)
    • (g)Milfs
    • Gaslight gatekeep girlbosses
    • Stupid girls
    • Girly men and manly ladies
    • Gender Unknown[x]
    • sadgirl420
    • Monsters that do not understand (or care for) human social constructs
    • Brood queens
    • Creepy lil' creeps scurrying around sniffing hair


Exploring and reflecting on human relationships with fictional characters is very rewarding. You can be your own psychologist! Whether the relationship is healthy or a completely awful abusive fuckfest, there's always something interesting to think about when you focus on two guys stuck in a room with a sawblade between them. A drawing of one of my fav pairings, Ollie n' Basile

    Character Pairings

    I like organizing by Left x Right name order for my pairings.

    TL;DR: Left is the giver of affection, right is the recipient of affection. Right is also usually my fave, and I like to see my fave get (butt)stuff done to them. 💖

    This is not for all my ships, but it applies to most of my age gap pairings. Hey, I like yung bob annoying old squidwards!

    Pairings named as Left + Right may be more complex than my typical Giver x Reciever preference.

    Hover over their names for series, alternate ship names, and notes!

    • Liv x Ollie x Basile[x]
    • Harry x Peter x Norman
    • Goblin x Norman[x]
    • Nerevar x Voryn Dagoth
    • Yugi x Yami Yugi
    • Marik + Rishid
    • Scout x Spy[x]
    • Scout x Scout
    • Soldier x Merasmus
    • Misa + Rem
    • Terry x Bruce
    • Nightwing x Slade
    • Jesse x Walt
    • Dean x Brock


    Platonic friendships, romantic relationships, or intense hate-pacts are all cool with me. Left x Right is in the order of Giver x Receiver of affection. Left + Right is reversible depending on my mood.

    • M/M, F/F, ?/?, etc 😊
    • Yung x Old
    • Caretaker + Cared-for
    • Student x Mentor
    • Childhood Friends
    • Selfcest
    • One-sided unconditional affection
    • Toxic obsession
    • (Co-)dependency
    • Love beyond time and death
    • Mourner x Beloved
    • Monster + Girl
    • Guys being dudes



    • cute, funny, fluff, growing friendship, mundane life, enjoying da holidayzzz!!
    • poverty, disability, ambiguous unhappy endings.

  • Guro:

    • blood, vomit, illness, hospitals, medical experimentation
    • bones, ribcages, spines, vertebrae, skeletal anatomy
    • death, organs, tendons, tissue, intestines
  • Aesthetics:

    • leather, latex, chains, belts, shiny black goth shit
    • medical bandages, corsets, tubes, cold metal, hospital beds and machines, sterile off-white medical shit
    • boring normcore character fashion cuz the character doesn't think to or cannot dress for a subculture

  • Media:

    • Themed playlists with explanations
    • Meta writing, analysis, examinations of history and context!
    • Simple recipes! I'm not good at cooking cuz I have ADHD and forget I have things on fire while I'm in front of them. But I need to try more often and repay Shane for all his good food.
    • Cute CSS/HTML widgets and pixels for my site?!