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I write, design, and draw 99% of my own comics and zines.

Despite everyone thinking cartoons are only for kids, my art is meant for an adult audience. You will see violence and sexuality. Mind the content warnings.

I also print and cut most of my comics in my home studio.


My zines are a combination of niche personal interests, text, design, and illustration. I believe my visual art benefits from text giving story, flavor and/or context. I'm a bit of a control freak and like to oversee every part of the zine process: I handle 99% of the design, printing, and assembly at home.

Occasionally, I may use my DIY zine capabilities as an opportunity for a group collaboration. These zines will be tagged as "collab".


Various one-shot comics. They may be one contained story, or several smaller stories woven together. I don't feel the need to write connected serial comics. Rather, I use a revolving cast of characters that I put in different universes.

Web Comics

I publish these comics online with no update schedule. Each web comic is basically a newspaper strip following different sets of characters and themes.