I write, design, and draw 99% of my own comics and zines. I also print and cut most of my comics in my home studio.

Buy a physical comic, they're made with my blood, sweat, n tears soaked into every page!


My zines are a combination of text and illustration. I write about niche subjects that interest me. Very occasionally, I may use my zines as an opportunity for a group project surrounding a niche subject.

gorl scout fieldguide cover: a where's waldo collection of many scouts
gorl scout yearbook cover: a magical girl in all pink
(2021) GORL SCOUTZ RULE: a field guide zine
Pages: 40
Rated: PG-13. Comic violence, crude humor.

A collaborative scouting handbook parody, celebrating weird violent female characters.
(2020) Gorl Scout Yearbook Zine
Pages: 48
Rated: PG-13. Comic violence, crude humor, and discussion of sexism.

A collaborative digital zine, full of female Scout characters!
tf2 gore zine cover: black and red drawing of two decapitated heads kissing
whorror zine cover: black and red drawing of Leatherface with huge tids
(2020) TF2 GORE ZINE: cum dolore
Pages: 44
Rated: R-18G. Heavy violence and sexuality.

A collaborative project examining the intersection between violence, kink, and war-themed hat simulators.
(2017) Halloweenie Whorror Zine
Pages: 28
Rated: R-18G. Discussion and illustrations of violence, sex, and assault.

A zine examining popular horror movies through the lense of (queer) sexuality, with accompanying illustrations.


two dudes being friends with their tongues in each others mouths
(2021) HOOKY! (extra credit)
Type: one-shot, romance, humor
Pages: 14+?
Rated: R-18. Explicit sexuality, one-sided attraction, older bottom, forbidden hand holding.

(IN PROGRESS) A permavirgin college student manages to bed his grumpy anthropology lecturer after a Halloween party, but they have class the next day.

sad man in a hoodie crying in the snow

san gabriel valley panel: woman leading someone by the hand, second panel is an old man stirring boba balls
(2018) 🎄Scout's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Winter Break!🎄
Type: one-shot, drama
Pages: 8
Rated: PG-13. Crude language.

Unofficial comic, based on characters from TF2. Starring Scout, Scout's mom, and Spy! Every Christmas we get movies about a horrible no good deadbeat dad making up with his wife n' kids, but I deny that dad.
(2017) San Gabriel Valley
Type: comic compilation, humor, surreal
Pages: 14
Rated: R-18. Vanilla sexuality.

"Uniquely Asian American, San Gabriel Valley is a silly & light-hearted satirical comedy featuring an all Asian-American cast and produced entirely by people of color."

Drawn for Eric Hsu, for his pilot.

tickler cover art: clown mask on black background

kings of the sunset strip comic cover: four hair metal guys posing against a sunset
(2014) Kings of the Sunset Strip
Type: comic compilation, humor
Pages: 32
Rated: R-18. Sexuality and heavy metal.

An unofficial Steel Panther fancomic in the style of 70's band comics, illustrating fictionalized band antics.
(2015) The Tickler
Type: one-shot, horror, surreal
Pages: 24
Rated: R-18G. Sexual assault, gore, general weirdness

"His fixation to somehow make women happy developed into a tickle fetish. When he tickles he goes into a fantasy world..."

A collab comic with Jonny McBoney.

SAUSAGE SODOMY comic cover: black and white art depicting three men in a tin can trailer.

playgoil/pussywhip #1: fake nudie magazine with naked long haired man on the cover
(2014) Sausage Sodomy
Type: one-shot, humor, monsterfucking
Pages: 11
Rated: R-18. Explicit sex and toxic masculinity.

Tommy gets a taste of sausage, and he and his bandmates can finally consummate their restrained lust for each other. Part of my Angelraper cast.
(2014) Kings of the Sunset Strip
Type: comic compilation, humor, horror
Pages: 24
Rated: R-18G. Sexuality, gore, and heavy metal.

A compilation of comics about shock rock n' hair metal homoeroticism. Featuring the cast of Pussywhip!

Sandwitches cover: black and white art of a lizard-like, one-eyed demon

Old Vaquero page: black and white art of a mummified corpse, with its face twisted in a scream
(2013) Sandwitches
Type: one-shot, surreal
Pages: 8
Rated: PG. Bad boob joke.

Stream of thought dream comic. For my friend Guinness's book "Finger Root".
(2013) Old Vaquero
Type: one-shot, surreal
Pages: 8
Rated: PG. Violence.

A mummy awakens. About Eddie from my Penetrators cast. Drawn for the Monster Mash Anthology.